Saturday, 12 September 2015

Kitchen Princess

Hello readers!

Happy weekend :) I hope you've all got lovely plans to spend it! Let's hope it won't rain so much..

I didn't spend much time on baking today, and that doesn't necessarily mean a bad thing. 

Behold, the easiest (but very tasty) dessert in the world: 

Yoghurt mousse

It's such a simple dessert but very tasty. Simple is pretty in my opinion! The recipe originates from a manga (which is a japanese comic book) called Kitchen Princess. 

Read it a lot when I was younger :)

It's the story of a young girl with an absolute sense of taste, who is looking for the boy that rescued her from drowning and gave her flan. 

(Note to self: make flan :) )

Many recipes appear in the series and this is one of them. The ingredients are very easy to get, the way to prepare the mousse is easy and it only takes about 10-15 minutes. It's the perfect dessert to bake when you have guests!

Good description too!

For the people using gelatin sheets (like myself): one teaspoon of gelatin powder is equal to two gelatin sheets. According to the recipe, you'd have to use four gelatin sheets. I can recommend using 2,5 sheets and beating the heavy cream a bit longer. It has a more natural flavour that way. 

Also: I use vanilla sugar instead of regular sugar. I've got a sweet tooth and I'm not ashamed of it! :)

Ready to refrigerate!

The thing I like best about this dessert is that you get the possibility to be creative. I used vanilla sugar to sweeten it, but you can add so many other flavours. How about syrup? Or food extracts? You can split it and create two kinds of mousses. Put it in a tea cup, a wine glass, a cocktail glass! You can use fruits, chocolate, caramel or candy for decorations. The sky is the limit! 

Berries are lovely for decoration :) 

This time, I used whipped cream, fresh strawberries and some blueberry sauce. How do you make the sauce? Easy (!): use what ever jam you have in the kitchen. Which in my case was blueberry jam :) heat it until it's completely liquid, leave it to cool for a bit and voila! 

And that is all there is to it. Please try it out and have fun being creative! 

I will finish this blog entry with a picture of someone who is just as sweet and white as this mousse: my dog <3 

Libby <3 

See you soon! 


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