Thursday, 10 September 2015

TBT #1: Rainbow Jelly

Hello readers,

My first Throwback Thursday! And it's about a dessert that I'm very proud of:

Rainbow Jelly

I made this Rainbow Jelly in March 2012; it took me nearly a day and a half... Each layer contains gelatin and needs the time to stiffen well; it takes about 2 hours per layer... Which all together takes a long time...!

But isn't it gorgeous? <3

It's actually a very simple recipe. Take six colored soda's, add sugar to the ones that contain fizz, heat one or two gelatin sheets, add to the soda, add to glass and wait. And the result is just lovely. It was especially hard to find a green soda. Thank god for Fernandez drinks!

I love rainbow desserts. I have to bake a rainbow cake or create some rainbow soda some day :)

Ending with a button that one of my friends made for me:

So jelly it hurts! <3
See you soon!


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