Sunday, 27 September 2015

London Calling

Greetings readers,

I hope you're all well. It's been a bit quiet since last Thursday for a very good reason: I've been on a holiday to London! :D 

Pretty London <3

I adore London, it's my favourite city in the whole world. I love the city day and night, the people, the languages, the stores, the sights, the quiet parks in the middle of town, even the smoggy, smelly, crowded tube! The city has a very lively, friendly and down-to-earth atmosphere. It feels like coming home. 

Cakes in the pastry shop in Harrods; aren't they pretty?

The British food isn't known for being overly delicious or elegant, but I can't help but loving it. I'll take you through some of my favourite British dishes and restaurants. Let's start with the most important meal a day: breakfast.

Full English @ Speedy's!

I'm not much of a breakfast-person. I always leave home in a rush, and usually have "breakfast" (which is a banana) at work around 10:30-ish? But this is definitely one I can enjoy in the weekend. Fried eggs, toast, tomatoes, beans, sausage, bacon and tea. Happy full English! <3 it's an absolute carb bomb (especially beans on toast, nomnom!) but it's so good. And quite satisfying if you've got a busy day. Usually more ingredients are added, like mushrooms or black pudding. It's one of britains most famous meals. Can you believe that people already ate this in the Victorian era? 

Such a cute mini tea pot <3

Tea. Tea. Tea. When you think of England, you think of TEA <3 My favourite tea brand is Twinings, and it's used everywhere in the UK. Happy me! <3 Also, just a tip, try the Strawberry Tea from Harrods. It's lovely!

I remember people telling me that when they were young, they got black tea with a bit of milk. I never got to taste tea with milk until I was 19 and in England. I always drink my tea strong and pure; no sugar. So imagine my confused face when I got tea with milk in it. I really love it though. Besides my strong tea, this is the one exception that I drink. And with quite a bunch of milk too :)

Now that we're talking about tea..

In the cafe in the Tate Modern Museum :)

Skipping lunch and moving straight to the Afternoon Tea. I told you before: I have a sweet tooth so Afternoon Teas make me very very happy!

This Afternoon Tea is quite a simple one, containing only scones with jam and clotted cream and tea. During a very traditional Afternoon Tea you will also find finger sandwiches and other pastries, like a slice of Victoria Sponge. Scones aren't very known in Holland, but nowadays you can buy them easily at Mark & Spencer. 

Many terms are used for the different kinds of tea breaks in the afternoon: Cream Tea (just scones), Light Tea (scones and sweets), Full Tea (scones, sweets and savouries), High Tea (scones, sweets, savouries and more!) and so on. The best High Tea I've ever had was a few years ago in Holland. It had the following rounds, including unlimited tea:

1) a selection of finger sandwiches with salmon, cucumber, egg salad
2) a selection of cakes, sweets and scones
3) a selection of savoury snacks
4) the showstopper: chocolates. 

Every round was served separately, also refreshing the teacups and plates. It was very well taken care of. For me, that is the perfect High Tea.

Hello Big Ben!

When you talk British, you talk Fish & Chips. Period. The best (very greasy) meal in Britain, traditionally served in an old newspaper, with lots of malt vinegar on the chips. Combine the jummy food and a gorgeous view: there is no better place to enjoy Fish & Chips than on the South Bank. 

Some may recognise the meme: "cheeky Nando's with the lads".. :)

For the (rare) moments you don't feel like having Fish & Chips, there are lots of other places in London to have supper. There is a Pret a Manger on every corner, of course the widely known McDonalds and Burger Kings, you can also eat a bunch for not too much money in China Town. But this holiday, my friend took me to a place I've never heard of before: Nando's! Only meals with chicken are served, but the quality and service is divine. Will definitely return!! 

Give me ice cream ANY time a year <3

One time, my mom and I went to the Harrods Ice Cream Parlour for ice cream. As you can see from the picture, it's a HUGE ice cream. They put so much effort in it, It's almost a pity to eat it! I can also recommand going to the Häagen-Dazs store on Leicester Square. They sell scoops of ice cream but there is also a restaurant with a big variety of dishes. 

I can keep going on and on and on about the food and restaurants in London but I will leave it with this :) Unfortunately I have caught a cold on the last day of my holiday in London. Now at home, I am covered in blankets, with a big pile of tissues next to me and a nice, big, hot pot of tea. As soon as I'm better again, I will bake something spectacular! 

*sniff sniff*

See you soon! 



  1. I love everything about this post, just saying :)

  2. This is such a lovely post, and I wish to visit London one day! We have Nando's too where I live and it's definitely one of my favourite places to eat :) the chicken is just divine, especially when doused in a heap of peri-peri sauce. Anyway, I hope you get well soon! Looking forward to see what you're going to bake next :)

    1. London is lovely, Mew! Have you been in Europe before? :) .... Now I miss Nando's.. OTL

    2. Unfortunately I've never been, but I'm saving up! :) The flights alone will easily cost me a few thousand dollars (I live in Singapore now) and if I want to shop and dine I better save up a lot! ^^; Anyway, if you ever come here you can let me know! I can bring you around (and to eat Nando's; my treat ^^).