Thursday, 17 September 2015

TBT #2: Peche Melba

Hello readers,

This Throwback Thursday is dedicated to my favourite ice cream dessert in the world. It's a very special ice cream, dedicated to a famous singer and especially a famous dessert in France: 

Pêche Melba 

The Pêche Melba was a dessert created by French chef Auguste Escoffier, in honour of the Australian singer Nellie Melba. In 1892, an ice sculpture of a swan was used to present this dessert: fresh peaches, on a bed of vanilla ice cream and spun sugar on the top. Later on, raspberry sauce was added.


This Pêche Melba cupcake (December 2011) is a recipe by Rudolph van Veen; a famous dutch pastry chef. It consists of a peach flavoured cupcake with vanilla icing, raspberry sauce and pieces of peach, raspberry and roasted almonds. It's actually the first cupcake I've ever made that has icing. It's sweet AND it contains sweet fruits: what more could a girl like me want for a dessert!? :) 

A year after creating this cupcake, I sent multiple emails to Rudolph's website, asking: why not create a Pêche Melba cake? I'm sure it's possible! 

And guess what. HE DID. 

This is THE Pêche Melba cake <3

This is my version (March 2013); also by the recipe of Rudolph van Veen. You should've seen my face when I was watching his baking show and he mentioned that he would be baking a Pêche Melba cake. My jaw dropped. 

Me & Rudolph!

I have met Rudolph twice until now. In November 2013, there was a signing session with Rudolph in a book store close to home. I hurried over and got my recipe book signed by him. I asked him if the recipe for the Pêche Melba cake is mentioned in the new book. "Sadly no", he told me. I told him that I was the one requesting this recipe; he said it was nice to finally meet me :) 

The best part about meeting him was his compliment on my Rainbow Jelly (TBT #1). He said it was pretty and reminded him of Hawaii. It's quite surreal to get a compliment of such a successful pastry chef! 

I still treasure my signed recipe book every day :)

The second time I met him was at a cake fair, where I was waiting for the results of a competition. 
But that's a story for the next TBT.. :) 

That's all for now, my friends! Stay tuned this weekend, for I will be baking something very old-fashioned and very dutch :) 

See you soon!


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  1. May I just have a little giggle over your Rudolph story… :)