Saturday, 28 November 2015

Becca Week: Afternoon/High Tea

Good evening my dear readers,

Imagine sitting in a yard, on a warm, spring day. You're drinking tea and your waitor places a gorgeously filled cake stand in front of you. It is time for one of the finest moments of the afternoon <3 

Tea... Tea... Tea please!!

Today I will take you back to last weekend, when I had a High Tea with my closest friend <3 In Holland, when we mention a High Tea, you can expect multiple courses: sandwiches, sweets, scones, savoury snacks, chocolates and more! Including unlimited tea :)

Chatting away, numerous goods are being placed on the cake stand, we start with the most british snack: scones with jam and cream.

Scones make me happy <3

Scones originate in Scotland, 1513 to be exact. The very word "scone" can be pronounced in two different kinds: 'scone' as in 'tone' (most common) and 'scone' as in 'gone'. It all depends on your class and region which way you pronounce it. I imagine in Scotland, they use the word that sounds like 'gone' :)

Fun fact: it is believed that the word 'scone' is based on a Dutch word :) which is 'schoonbrood' (clean/pure bread). This isn't confirmed though, some say it originates in Scotland too. I like to believe the first ;)

Egg, samon and carpaccio sandwiches are next! 

The trick for a successfull Afternoon Tea is to make all snacks finger-sized or bite-sized. The traditional Afternoon Tea is a very light meal that takes place between 15:00 and 17:00, which can easily be consumed before dinner. It's a very social gathering, which used to be for the upper class of Britain. The social part never went away (chatting chatting :)), but nowadays, an Afternoon Tea is for everybody!

Common flavours for Afternoon Tea sandwiches are: cucumber, egg, salmon and ham. When I create a High Tea with my mom, we also make sandwiches with chicken and bacon :) Try it out, it's very good!

On to the next round :) 

An Afternoon Tea traditionally contains only tea, scones and sandwiches. A High Tea is a whole other thing when it comes to food.

While an Afternoon Tea is being held in a more informal room, with comfy chairs and coffee tables.. The High tea is actually a savoury meal for the 'working class'. You can get a mug of tea with vegetables, meat, potatoes, which you eat by a dinner table. Your regular dinner you could say.

Nowadays the term is also used to continue the High Tea with savoury bites. These can differ per restaurant, country, region, but usually you can get sausage rolls, omelette or mini pies :)

Sweet tooth acting up.. <3<3

My favourite part is up last: sweets! <3 Cakes, pastries, cookies, cream puffs... Anything that is sweet, it can be used for the Afternoon/High Tea!

I like how you can play with the ingredients and flavours during this lovely event. A very important notice when preparing an Afternoon/High tea: the flavours of the food simply can't be predominating. Remember, it's all about the tea and combinations. You can adjust it to the region you're in, the season that's currently there (think black tea with cinnamon cake in autumn or jasmin tea with citrus pasties in spring). The sky is the limit! <3

Empty cake stand.. boo :(

As you can tell, last weekend's High Tea was very nice :) I do wish to visit the restaurant again, where I had the best High Tea I ever tasted.. We'll see what the future brings!

Tomorrow, ladies and gentlemen, is a very special day. Stay tuned for a detailed post about.. Pancakes ;)

See you tomorrow!

Love, Rebecca 

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