Thursday, 19 November 2015

TBT #6: Boterkoek and dinners

Hello readers!

Welcome to TBT #6! :D

This looks like quite a good bite, doesn't it? Don't be mistaken, there is a ton of butter in this very jummy dessert.. 

This is the traditional dutch Boterkoek, which literally means 'butter cake'. It's a very full, creamy cake, every dutch person knows Boterkoek! The beautiful golden brown colour appears cause of a mixture of milk and egg yolks. Whenever you need to bake something with a crispy top: mix egg yolks and milk :)

Sorry for the radio silence. It's busy times at work and at home. End of the year celebrations, big meetings, team building, dinner meetings and I'm starting a study in December too :) busy, but I'm very excited! 

...... <3<3

Yesterday, my mom and I went to a 'new' (new to us) restaurant in the city, and BOY. The food was just... Omnomnom!! 

I had Lobster soup for the first course, which was my first time eating lobster. It's a very rich taste, I'd like to try fresh lobster sometime too :) For main, I had roasted duck. Duck is my favourite kind of meat, along with lamb <3 and last but not least: a mixed dessert plate. 

Mixed desserts: my favourite! <3

There is yoghurt ice cream, chocolate mousse and tiramisu. Nothing makes a girl more happy than a good chocolate mousse. Yoghurt ice cream is very delish but perfection hit the spot on the tiramisu. I've never had such light but creamy tiramisu with very little alcohol taste. Perfection!! <3 Definitely one of the best restaurants I've eaten with so far. 

More dining posts coming up in the next weeks, I counted 5 dinner meetings until Christmas.. Oh dear! Stay happy, healthy and bubbly readers. See you soon :) 

Love, Rebecca 

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