Saturday, 21 November 2015

Becca week: Origins

Aloha readers!

Welcome to themed week #2: Becca's Week! 

Hello there! :D

I will take you with me for a whole week to tell baking stories, adventures, opinions and more :) I will share recipes, old favourites and tell more about me and my life.

Today's post is an origin post about yours truly: Becca. This is my mother's nickname for me :) and my favourite nickname! My closest friend calls me Bexx (coolest nickname ever) and other friends (and one of my managers) call me R. Not many people call me Rebecca actually, funny :) 

Mini me x3!

I have liked baking and cooking ever since I can remember. I remember helping my mom when she's cooking. When we visited my grandparents, I would help out my grandmother. My mom and grandma have these unique ways to present food, which I truly love. I remember my mom once telling that she made a tower of cream puffs. A tower..... Note to self: add to baking list. 

Just like everyone else, I started with the easy, 'only add milk and eggs' packets you can buy in the supermarket. This is the best way to start baking: practising with easy ingredients. After a few years of occasionally baking, I heard on tv that a new food channel would air. That's when things started to get worse :) 

This is a part of my collection of cooking books.. 

I bought cooking books, watched the new food channel 24/7. Tv shows are very motivating for me, I want to be able to bake the same things as the people on tv. Watching The Great British Bake Off on Wednesdays would make my hands twitch, because I usually only bake in the weekends, I had to wait such a long time! I wanted (still want to) be able to be as good as the people on TV. With my own twists! 

The reason I started this blog, is because I want to share my stories with the world and share my inspiration. I get my inspiration out of everything! Tv shows, cook books, stories, pictures, Internet of course but also walking outside :) but the most important thing with baking (cooking too) is: listening. Listen to what your surroundings love. Baking with love and seing loved ones enjoying the bakes is most rewarding <3

My name on a Nutella jar.. What more do you want? :)

Random facts about Rebecca:
- The first cupcake I baked was the Peche Melba cupcake :) 
- Chocolate used to make my face cringe.. Long time ago, I love it now! 
- I am a huge lover of sushi. 
- Other things I love to do besides baking are: photographing, listening to old records, reading and going to the cinema/watching movies. Especially the last one is something I love <3 

And thus, this post comes to an end. I hope you liked my 'origin' story :) I'll tell more about myself and my baking origins later this week. Lots to look forward to :D

I will end this story with a picture of a lot of peppernuts. Peppernuts are a traditional dutch snack, eaten around December 5th. More info about that later.. ;)

So many peppernuts! <3

See you soon readers!

Love, Rebecca

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  1. Ohh I love your origin story! I've always loved finding out more about people's backgrounds and yours sounds so lovely and full of joy (tower of cream puffs? Sign me up :D) Anyway, I'm a huge lover of sushi too! My dream is to one day go to Tokyo and eat fresh sushi at Tsukiji market or one of those omakase restaurants :)

    PS: I guess I'll take to calling you Becca from now on then, if you don't mind :)