Thursday, 26 November 2015

Becca Week: TBT #7

Hello readers! 

Happy Thanksgiving! I hope you're celebrating it with your family and loved ones :) Today's TBT is a personal favourite TBT (number 7 already!), and very unlike thanksgiving. 

Sushi... Sushi everywhere.. :D

As I told you earlier this week, sushi is something I love very much. This is a picture of the second time I made sushi. This was through an online workshop by 24kitchen. Yes, an online workshop :) which meant I was cooking while watching my laptop. 

I received a shopping list a week before the workshop. I got all my things and put all my bowls and utensils set. Totally ready to follow the workshop! 

My favourite kind of sushi is the one with eel!

It was very easy to follow. Every kind of sushi (nigiri, maki, handrolls) was made online too and you could ask questions if things were unclear or if the instructions were going too fast or slow :) and I'm very pleased with the results. 

Handrolls are surprisingly good :)

I going to have sushi again this weekend <3 I love sushi, I love all Japanese food! Have you ever watched the YouTube channel Cooking with Dog? They produce amazing dishes, using traditional Japanese recipes and very Japanese preparation ways :) I love their channel, I will feature them in the future for sure.

Ok I'm hungry now :(

So, today's TBT was a savoury one! I do have quite a sweet tooth but I do like my savoury bites. Give me crisps any time! My favourite dutch savoury dish (winter dish) is "stamppot". Which is basically potatoes and vegetables mashed up. Add gravy and sausage and you've got "stamppot"! The food is mashed with this very special, very dutch device:


It needs a lot of muscle power :) but it's worth the while! 

Also today, I had a team session for work (lunch and snacks tasted very good ;)) and I've taken a lot of pictures. Time to look through them :) have a lovely thanksgiving people, see you soon! 

Love, Rebecca 

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