Thursday, 12 November 2015

VIP: Very Important Photoshoot (of the Cake Shop)

Hello readers!

I hope you're well. I haven't posted a lot the last days because I have been preparing for a very very very VERY special event: the photoshoot!

As you know, the photos of this photoshoot will feature in my company's newsletter. I was really so excited and prepared well. I picked my, what I call, signature bakes. They've featured before on this blog: Pêche Melba cupcakes and rainbow jelly.


I have to admit, the rainbow jelly turned out much better than the first time I made it. One color just flowing into the next. I'm very pleased with it!

Cupcakes are really my signature bake :) especially these Pêche Melba cupcakes. Pêche Melba is my favourite ice cream of all time, so baking this cupcake was not a hard decision to make. The icing turned out exceptionally well, very fluffy! The photographer liked it a lot :)

Cupcakes.. Omnomnom!

Preparing for the photoshoot, I already made the cupcakes, put the icing in a piping bag and the fruits in bowls for 'live' decoration. I finished the jelly and set my decoration ready to put on.

The photoshoot went very well. I did feel a little funny being photographed while working :) While being photographed, it's essential to move extra slowly. Which was perfect, because decorating slowly creates perfect bakes. Yay! <3

Fresh raspberries are so pretty <3

For the photoshoot, I picked up my old trusty Nikon D60. I have to admit, I truly and honestly missed this. I love photographing and I haven't used my camera in a while cause, like everybody else, I think taking pictures with my phone is a lot quicker. But the quality of the pictures I have taken during the shoot (yes I was photographed while I was photographing) is just beautiful. You can see for yourself, all pictures in this post are taken by my Nikon!

Rainbow jelly v2 :)

The article and pictures will feature in the company's newsletter in December. I will share it with you by the time it's there. I'm very curious :)

Speaking of December: it's only a couple of weeks left till Christmas! Amazing how time flies. 

I found a bunch of old photos on my camera, all of London in 2013. I will end this blogspot with one of my favourite museums in London. Little fanbased, but still! <3 Bye readers!

"If you eliminate the impossible, what ever remains, however improbable, it must be true."

Love, Rebecca

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