Sunday, 11 October 2015

Apple roses (or zombies)

Hello readers!

The GBBO finale was exciting, wasn't it? :) Nadiya did so well, I'm glad she won! Must add mille feuilles to my list with things to bake.. 

So, a few days ago, I came across a video on Facebook.

Made by Cooking with Manuela

I think that's about the cutest thing I've ever seen <3 and it looks easy enough to bake. My mom received apples from a very good friend, so... Ready, get set, BAAKKKEE! :D 

Apple Roses <3

I have to admit, they came out of the oven prettier than when they got in. I had a right laugh baking them. It's more work than you'd imagine! For example.. 

Apple slices.. sort of.. OTL

Cutting apple slices isn't very.. Easy to do. Especially when they need to be very thin! I can recommend using a special slicer (add to shopping list).

Being the last-minute baker that I am :D I noticed that I had no apricot ham in the fridge. No problem, I will use something very dear to me: MAPLE SYRUP! I love maple syrup. I can't imagine my life (or pancakes) without maple syrup <3 It's a shame that it's so expensive in Holland (logical though), but I always have a jar in the kitchen.  

*singing a lullaby for the apples* :D

So, onto the fluffy pastry, we place the maple syrup, apple slices and cinnamon. I added a pinch of vanilla sugar too. Cover it up, roll over (careful) and place it into a buttered cupcake tin. Which is a brilliant idea; it holds the form perfectly! 


The first thing I thought was: I should probably bake these for Halloween, they look like zombie hands coming from the grave. But they smell so wonderfull and I had a right laugh baking these. Into the oven they go, time to make a wish :)

Close up; aren't they cute? <3

Like I said, they looked worse when they went into the oven. I think they look quite good and well-baked! Add icing sugar for decoration, and perhaps a bit of whipped cream :) I'll try it again in a few months, and see how it goes then!

Not unimportant to mention: THEY TASTE SO GOOOOOD <3

Later today, I'm baking one of my favourite desserts. Stay tuned for the next post, while I enjoy a snack :)

Life is better with donuts <3

Love, Rebecca  

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  1. Ah, they're adorable and they look so delish! To me, the end product did resemble cinnamon-dusted roses than zombie hands, but even if they had ended up like zombie hands I bet they'd still taste amazing anyway :D What apples did you use for the dessert, by the way? :)