Sunday, 4 October 2015

Looking back: Wilton Competition

Hello readers!

Happy weekend, I hope you're having a good time. Today's blog is sort of a throwback, a very special one. 

It's amazing how fast time goes by. Today, exactly one year ago, I heard the results of my first and (so far) only competition.

Me and my cupcake, one year ago!

I will start at the beginning. In August 2014, I noticed a poster in the store where I usually get my baking supplies: the first European Wilton baking competition, in celebration of their 85th anniversary, with the following categories:
1) cakes baked by professionals 
2) cakes baked by hobbyists 
3) cupcakes baked by professionals 
4) cupcakes baked by hobbyists

There would be three rounds: regional, national and European. In each round you could win nice prices, given by Wilton. For those who don't know this company: Wilton is a very good brand for baking supplies, good quality gear and ingredients! So after giving it some thought, I entered the competition. 

The theme was "Wilton's 85th anniversary", and it being my first ever competition, I read and browsed for a lot of information for inspiration :) I decided to stick with the classical anniversary present: flowers. And so I baked my cupcake for the regional competition.

Round 1: a chocolate cupcake with raspberry icing (rose formed) with dew drops :)

The day of the regional competition arrived and I dropped off my cupcake at the local radio station (judging would be aired live on the radio). I wasn't allowed to be present during the judging, so I went to work and anxiously awaited any phone calls. 

At one point, I checked my phone and noticed three missed calls from my dad. He was at home that day and listened to the radio for me :) He told me I won first price! I was so happy! My entrance for the national competition was ensured. The judges during the national competition would mainly focus on the design, so I was advised to go all out on the looks! 

many many MANY leafs and flowers.. 

Working with fondant isn't something I do often. I love how you can create anything with fondant as long as you've got the time, but that's just the thing. I like working with fondant, but I often simply don't have the time for it. This, however, was an exception. I decided to keep my personal theme (flowers) alive and spend a whole Sunday working on this. 

Round 2: a vanilla cupcake with vanilla icing and LOTS of flowers :)

I was so pleased with the results. All the flowers are handmade, leafs added layer by layer. Friends and family were amazed and my managers at work were very impressed. A couple of days before the competition I dropped off the cupcake at my supplies store, as they would bring it to the fair where the national competition would be held. Now it was time to wait for the big day! 

I worked so hard on creating multicoloured roses :)

So, on Saturday October 4th, 2014, my friend came along with me to the fair. The moment I walked to the competition table, all the courage and hope I had, vanished into thin air. All the entered cupcakes in my category were so beautiful, so festive and so well thought-through. There were cupcakes hanging in the air as balloons, for example!! 

And then there was my tiny, flowery cupcake. I was so sure that my cupcake wouldn't win. Waiting for the results, we walked around on the fair, I bought some nice gear, met Rudolph van Veen again :) And wished th ebest for the competition. 

Finally the moment to announce the results was there. The judges were introduced and some pictures of the entries were shown. the competitions of The Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg were combined to one one winner per round. the Winners of each round would go to Barcelona, Spain, for the European competition. My round was up first. 

And third price goes to.. Rebecca from The Netherlands! 

I WON THIRD PRICE! My friend cheered and cheered and I just couldn't believe it. I walked up to the stage and received my price (48-piece Fondant and Gum Paste Decorating Set) and a certificate. I was so happy!! Getting third place for a first competition ever, a national competition (!), is really the best feeling ever. 

I framed my certificate and still look at it every day I wake up. It's my daily reminder that competing is stressful but very rewarding, even if you don't win first price. I learned a lot and improved my baking skills thanks to Wilton. I'm keeping my eyes open for other competitions. Once there is another one close to home, I will definitely enter! 

And so my story about my first baking competition ends :) I'm (gladly!) not feeling very sick anymore and crawled back into the kitchen to bake. I'll post pictures and stories the next time!

Today is a very special day in The Netherlands: it's Animal Day. That means.. Presents! :D

I think Penny (guinea pig) and Libby (dog) like their gifts :)

That's all for now folks! See you soon!

Love, Rebecca 


  1. Your cupcakes were sooo gorgeous (and I bet they tasted amazing too!!) :) Congratulations again, it was well-deserved and I believe you deserved even more, actually :D

  2. Thank you so much Mew! :D It feels so weird, knowing its been a year.. Time to enter more competition!