Thursday, 22 October 2015

TBT #5: Triple Chocolate Mousse

Hello readers!

This is Throwback Thursday number 5 already. Time flies when you're having fun! This week's TBT is a very special one. I'll start with a picture and share its story. 

Triple Chocolate Mousse.... hmmmm!

This mousse is from October 2013. I got the idea to create this mousse by a recipe for (here it comes): strawberry pudding

I know, very logical (not). I get that sometimes, I once made a cake, completely and solely based of a picture. Plus, I can't help my chocolate cravings.. :) And three kinds of chocolate triples the fun! I remember it tasted good but was very filling. Logical, with all that chocolate... 

Speaking of which, I have a request for you. I'm thinking of themes for the future themed weeks, but all ideas and suggestions are welcome :) Have you got a nice idea for future themed weeks? Please reply or email me at . 

Have a lovely week readers! 

Libby says hi :)

Love, Rebecca