Sunday, 18 October 2015

Italy Week: Pasta di mama


Do you remember that warm, happy feeling when you were little, when you came home in the afternoon and the house smelled so nice because of the dinner that your mom was making? I truly hope you do! This last post of Italy Week is dedicated to my favourite italian dish: pasta made by my mom <3 


This pasta dish is penne with creme fraiche (soured cream), spinach, chicken, salami, tomato and cheese. Amongst other secret ingredients.. :)

My mom calls it "Popeye Pollo Penne"!


Doesn't this look good? It tastes so lovely! My mom is the best cook I know. I consider myself a good baker but there's nobody I know that can cook as well as my mom :) The plates are spot-clean when you're finished eating! 

Tomatomatomato :)

The ultimate tip my mom gave me is to always use fresh ingredients and keeping them fresh when cooking (like when you're stir frying them). Everything tastes better with fresh ingredients. Which is absolutely true in the baking world! 

My mom is also a star in making Indonesian food :) I will definitely feature that some time soon. 

And with this last post, the first themed week about Italy ends! I do hope you enjoyed it. I will do more themed weeks in the future :) 

I will celebrate Italy Week's last post by watching a documentary of my favourite singer (who happens to be part of an Italian family). See you soon readers, ciao!

Good Ol' Blue Eyes <3

Love, Rebecca