Tuesday, 20 October 2015

News news news!

Hello readers!

Thank you for your kind replies on Italy Week, I'm glad themed weeks are a success :) More will follow, for sure!

So. Today's post is about news. And all is good news: a little bird told some people about my Cake Shop!

Today, I was interviewed for the company news letter about my baking skills. It was my first interview ever, so very exciting. A lot of questions were asked; I will tell you more once the interview is in the newsletter. I still can't believe I was actually asked to be interviewed :)

During the next meeting, a photographer will take some live action pictures. Which means I will be baking and professional photos will be taken... SO EXCITING!!!!!! <3 

More news in another category: I have created social media accounts for the Cake Shop! Please find them here & share :) 

Pinterest: cakeshopbyR

Dutch pastry: oliebol!

Yesterday, when I was in the shopping center, I happened to see this: oliebollen! Foreigners will most likely not know this very traditional dutch snack. Oliebollen literally means "oil bolls", but is more known as "Dutch Doughnuts" :) They are a bit donut-like, I prefer mine with raisins. It is a very traditional Dutch snack, which is eaten on New Years Eve. Special snack cars open around October (or all year long when there's a fair!). I always bake them myself, so more info on New Years Eve :)

Inside of the oliebol: lots of raisins! Just how I like it :)

Also, I've started brainstorming for Halloween. You can expect a lot of creepy/cute sweets; will definitely do cupcakes! 

That's all for this time folks! Thank you for being my loyal readers, Bexx over and out :) 

Love, Rebecca

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