Saturday, 17 October 2015

Italy Week: Number 40 please

Ciao amici!

How can ones blog do a themed week about Italy without its signature dish. As I mentioned before, I went to an Italian restaurant with my colleagues last Tuesday :) And what does someone like yours truly eat at an Italian restaurant? PIZZA.  

Pizzaaaaa <3

I had pizza number 40. I can't speak Italian... OTL The official name of the pizza was Pizza Cinignano. Anybody around here who can pronounce that? No? Didn't think so ;)

The ingredients are tomato, cheese, mushrooms, leek and asparagus! I like asparagus a lot :) And according to my colleague "every food that you love, will taste even better on a pizza!". Tried it and she was right. The pizza was delicious <3 

Did you know that word "pizza" originates in the 10th century? It was used for a dish that we still eat now: focaccia bread! The modern pizza was invented in the 18th century, when Italians who lived in Napels started adding tomato to flat pieces of bread. 

Fun fact: tomatoes aren't from Italy. Nor from Spain. They're not even from Europe! They're actually American :) Mexican to be precise! It was the Spanish who brought them to Europe back in the late 16th/early 17th century. 

More pizza...... :D

My favourite kind of pizza is called a pizza Pollo. It has tomato, chicken, spinach, corn and lots of cheese. I'm not sure if it's a well-known pizza. I know I never heard of it before I tasted it! I like the combination with spinach. And it has a thin and crispy crust :) nomnomnomming! What are your favourite pizza's? Have you tried making them youselfs?

I will upload the last Italy Week post tomorrow, which is about a special dish made by my mom <3 See you later amici!

Love, Rebecca


  1. Ciao! :D

    Oh, I totally love your Italy Week posts! I took two courses of Italian language in university (and I'm guessing Cinignano is pronounced as cee-nee-nya-no :3 ) and for our last lesson the professor cooked us some focaccia bread (and also some salad and pesto) which was really, really good!

    My favourite pizza is pizza with diced truffle on top (just truffle, mushrooms and mozzarella). I ate it at a Venetian eatery and it was soooo good :) I've never tried making my own pizza, though; I wanted to but I heard the traditional ones are baked in wood-fired ovens and unfortunately there's no way I can find one I can use here. I wish I can find one, really, because there's nothing better than freshly baked pizza :)

    1. Thank you so much Mew! You're so nice with your comments <3 And I'm so proud you can pronounce the pizza kind I ordered..! Truffle sounds good, must try it some time :) <3