Thursday, 15 October 2015

Italy Week: TBT #4

Ciao readers!

Welcome back to Italy Week @ Cake Shop by Rebecca! :) 

This weeks Throwback Thursday is about Italian desserts. Italy is widely known for its delicious food, like pasta, risotto, pizza, and so on. But a lot less for its desserts. Which is quite a shame, because they are so good and so full of strong flavours! 

Good summer dessert :)

This very Italian dessert is called Panna cotta. I made it in July 2012 and it's mandarin flavoured. Traditional taste would be vanilla flavoured but hey, it's all about breaking boundaries :D I do like seeing those black spots by the vanilla beans though.. Panna Cotta tastes very full and creamy!  

This is Zuccotto <3

This looks a bit like tiramisu doesn't it? It does differ in the ingredients. Zuccotto (made in October 2012) is a cake with origins in Florence, Italy. It contains a lot of almonds, hazelnuts, chocolate and ice cream <3 nomnomnom!


Last Tuesday, I had dinner with colleagues at a typical Italian restaurant. I ordered this dessert and stupid me, I forgot the name (something with crocanti?). It's vanilla ice cream with caramelised almonds on the top. In one word: deeeeelicious <3 
If someone recognises the dessert, please let me know! 

Italian desserts are sooo good.. I might just ask Santa for a special recipe book about italian desserts this year.

Please stay tuned for more posts, Italy Week isn't over yet! :) 


Love, Rebecca

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