Wednesday, 28 October 2015

October 28: National Chocolate Day

Hello readers,

Happy National Chocolate Day! :)

Well, for those living in the US that is. But who doesn't want to celebrate National Chocolate Day?! :D

A compilation of all chocolate dishes of the Cake Shop :D

The word "chocolate" originates from Nahuatl, which is the language of the Aztects. They used the word "xocolatl", which means bitter drink. Chocolate drinks date back to 1900 BC (!). People used to believe that if you drank this special "cocoa water", it would make you smarter :) Amazing right?

And yet, Europe didn't know about cocoa beans or the chocolate drinks until the 16th century. Spain brought the popular cocoa beans to Europe and even back then, chocolate proved to be very popular :) Many variations came, vanilla was added, everybody loved it. And now, we can't imagine a world without chocolate. I know I can't!

Ooohhh... <3

The process of picking cocoa beans to eating the chocolate we know takes a very very very long time! It needs to undergo fermentation, drying, cleaning, roasting, sifting, grinding, tempering *breathe in*.... It's a lot of work.

Who would've thought that you could do so many things with cocoa beans, back in 1900 BC? My favourite chocolate brands are Ferrero and Kinder. It's a shame that Kinder isn't allowed in the US, it's so good. I hope it will be allowed in shops some day :)

Personalised Nutella jar :D

Some fun facts about chocolate:
- The most expensive chocolate in the world costs € 2.000 per 500 grams; it's been kept in pure vanilla and truffle oil for 24 hours..
- Chocolate is mostly bought at Brussel Airport: over 80.000 kilos of chocolate a year
- People living in Switzerland eat more chocolate than anybody else in the world: 11,4 kilos a year per person
- Chocolate is a natural lip balm
- The world "cocoa tree" literally means "food of the gods"

Another fun fact from my own country: Holland is the only country in the world where the people eat their sandwiches with chocolate sprinkles. It's a legit breakfast thing, kids love it and adults (including yours truly!) eat it too :)

Nutella Cheesecake!

So, back to the title, I celebrated National Chocolate Day by making a quick chocolate cheese cake with: Nutella!

Very full flavour, very easy to make, and chocolate. Is that not enough reason to bake something good? I'll ask Santa for a Nutella recipe book this year I think.. :) Have a look on Pinterest for more Nutella chocolate recipes!

So good..! <3

It's a busy times for the Cake Shop. It's Halloween on Saturday, spooky cupcakes coming up. I have a photoshoot next Wednesday, as a part of the interview for the newsletter from work :) Making preperations for a new themed week..

Also, I am experimenting with gluten-free cupcakes, for the birthday of a special little girl <3 Full reports will follow. Any of you tried gluten-free cupcakes before?

Time to get back to work! See you soon readers :)

Enjoy National Chocolate Day :D

Love, Rebecca


  1. Ohhh!! I eat hagelslag on toasts too; it's just too good :) Chocolate in general is just amazing. My current favourite is Valrhona but I heard of other wonderful brands out there too :D Anyway I have never tried gluten-free cupcakes before but I do love gluten-free cookies so I'm looking forward to read your report on the gf cupcakes :)

    1. Oohh, you know hagelslag! :D it's good isn't it? I never heard of Valrhona before.. I'll keep my eyes open :) gluten free short report is up, full report coming next weekend! how are you doing? :)

  2. Hi!! I'm good; been cooking a few new recipes (mostly savoury, though) and having fun with new ingredients :D I saw your gluten-free cupcakes...and I have to say they look REALLY, REALLY GOOD!!! I wanted to bake the other day but the oven went bust so I guess all bakings have to wait until the repairman comes along :| hope you had a great week and have a happy weekend!! <3