Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Free Range Cook (from Holland)

Hello readers!

As a baker, I like to try out new things. If I can, I will bake something new every week! I have very few favourite dishes that I bake multiple times. Many English readers and some Dutch readers will probably recognise the name of the celebrity cook I used in the title :) Indeed, I have tried my first recipe by New Zealand cook: Annabel Langbein. 

Close up: Vanilla Citrus Terrine! :)

I like citrus fruits a lot. Also the smell of citrus soaps. When I was in London, I visited the Lush store in Oxford street (it's huge!). My friend and I got to try a few soap bars and perfumes. My friend is a big fan of spicy fragrances, but I love the citrus and fruity ones. I also like making cocktails, using mostly oranges, limes, lemons, blood oranges and pomegranates :) 

Ok, back to baking! The Vanilla Citrus Terrine is surprisingly easy to make. I have the tendency to ignore the instructions and only start reading them while I'm baking :) but with this dish it's easy to do. 

Using my favourite, multifunctional bowls for this dish!

Bring the cream mixture to a simmer, add the lime and orange zest/juice, add the gelatine, add the Greek yoghurt and refridgerate! It's as easy as that. After that, it's a waiting game. At least three hours or until the gelatine has set. 

I did exchange the vanilla extract for a real vanilla bean. No matter how well the extract is made, it always seems a bit.. Artificial to me. I always prefer using vanilla beans, even though it's more pricey than extract. And I like seeing the black spots in my desserts :) In restaurants too, it makes me happy to see black spots in vanilla ice cream or pudding, because I know the chefs have made an effort to make the dessert taste like genuine vanilla. 

Nomnomnom.. :)

I combined the recipe for the terrine with the Honeyed Oranges, a recipe by Annabel Langbein as well. Also a very easy recipe, and good tasting too! I don't like the flavour of honey (hate it in my tea), but in combination with the sour oranges, it's quite good. 

Becareful for your hands!

I think the best way to cut an orange is to cut off the top and bottom, and slide your knife along the sides. That way, you can easily see the line between the peel and fruit. And there's less risks to cut your fingers (happened one time, ouch)! Be sure to use all juices, shame to waste them :) 

Voila :)

And here you've got the combined recipes! Looks good, doesn't it? It's quite a summer-like dessert, I like it a lot :) 

If you'd like to try to make this dessert, please find both (full) recipes in here:
Vanilla Citrus Terrine
Honeyed Oranges

Also (this is not a drill!): it's the finale of the Great British Bake Off tonight! I wonder who will win.. And the dish he/she will win with! Let's find out :)

Also there is a preview of the BBC Sherlock special yayayayayayayay <3

See you soon readers!

Love, Rebecca

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